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Shaklee Collagen Powder (SCP)

Talking about collagen.. there are many options available in the market these days ranging from all-can-buy until only-certain-can buy price. There are many faces of it, from widely known brand until the first-time-know brand. Personally, I never into this collagen product until I am in my 30s and my curiosity over what I heard and saw about how collagen can improve our skin elasticity, its texture plus hair quality.. then I decided to give this collagen a try. I am one who always in doubt when comes into what goes into my body.. especially when I am still breastfeeding my kids.. It took quite sometimes for me to really gives it a go. This is the first time I am going to consume a collagen and I chose one from Shaklee. It has 15 sachets in the box and when I am writing this entry, there are only 7 sachets left in a box.

Why I Chose Shaklee?

Has right amount, which is consists of 4,000 mg proprietary RSS (Red Snapper Scale) Collagen. The recommended content would be between 2500 – 5000mg.

Has low molecule size, which the lower the size, the faster you will see the result because the right size will be easily digested and absorbed by the body. Shaklee’s extremely low molecular weight collagen, at approximately 1,000 Dalton.

7 key ingredients which functions as below are combined to enhance effectiveness of SCP.
  • Camellia japonica seed extract: Increase fibroblast and promote generation of collagen and hyaluronic acid to maintain beauty skin, improvement of wrinkles & have anti-glycation effect.
  • Pfaffia extract: It is used as an “adaptogen” to help the body adapt to stress by improving the immune system; as a treatment for cancer and tumors, diabetes, and male sexual performance problems; as a tonic to restore body function; and as an aphrodisiac to heighten sexual arousal.
  • Fish collagen: Improve smoothness, retain moisture level and maximise suppleness of the skin and prevent formation of deep skin wrinkles.
  • Shellfish extract: The glucosamine extracted from shellfish been used to treat forms of degenerative arthritis, or the arthritis that occurs from a gradual loss of cartilage that protects your joints, especially the weight-bearing joints such as the knees and hips.
  • Lactobacillus acidophilus: Helps to digest food, produce vitamins and facilitates digestion.
  • Vitamin C & Vitamin Bs: Vitamin C to promote collagen production and anti free radical. Vitamin B plays important roles in cell metabolism.
  • Red Snapper Scale Collagen: Premium source of collagen whereby less pollution and its high level of absorption.
Dual-way of usage
  • As a drink, it can easily dissolve and mixes well with your favourite food and beverages. 
  • As a face masker.
Looks and feel younger: Improve bone density
  • Assist heart and cardiovascular system 
  • Strengthen teeth and gums 
  • Fortify fingernails and toenails 
  • Strengthen skin elasticity 
  • Change quality of hair 
  • Burns and wounds are healed quickly

Who Should Consume It?

Based on its advantages, everyone from age of 25 years old and above who want the following benefits shall consider of drinking it:
  • To look young and feel young by gaining strength in the bones, nails, hair and skin.
  • To boost the collagen in the body to have a positive effect on the heart, as well as assisting in healing wounds more quickly.

Does It Safe For Nursing Mom?

I am tandem nursing my 2 kids (3 years plus and 10 months). So far, I have not encountered any abnormality related to breast milk or breastfeeding. The milk supply is OK, both kids are OK.. I concluded it is OK for me.

How Good It Is?

After 8 days of drinking it (1 mix a sachet into 240ml ESP) and applied it twice on the face (I use 1/8 portion in a sachet and mix it with a pipe-water then applied on my face and neck; leave it for 10 minutes before rinse it), I noticed my skin, (with only moisturiser applied):
·         Fairer than before
·         Looks fresh
·         Has smooth texture
·         Less sagging

I only focus on my face, so I cannot tell any other goodness I have experienced.. hahaha

As a face masker, it is really good. I can really feel the difference (compared to any face masker I have ever used before). I can say, in very small quantity of masker, it works wonder.. Which when I first mixed the 1/8 portion with water, O my, so thin.. can it works as a masker? To my surprise, as it dry on my skin, it becomes glue-like. When comes into rinsing, it can easily rinse-off. I can feel the difference on my face right away (or is it only my feeling? Hahaha, but I like how it feels.. it has fishy smell though.. of course it is, because it is made of fish scales).

What About The Price?

The retail price for West Malaysia is RM298 and RM305 for Sabah & Sarawak. If any of you interested to know more or would like to get a special price, please PM me.

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