Tuesday, 25 June 2013

I Hate Technology (when)..

When I was growing up, I'm living in era (could be because I'm living in a so-called remote area) of where handphone, camera, and computer (these just to name few) are luxury thing. And it was not those stuff we have or available in the market now. It were a pure:
1. Handphone with antenna, where you can hardly put it in a pocket
2. Camera which operates on AA or AAA battery & a roll of film
3. Personal Computer (I don't even know what is the current OS that time..). 

Looking back, even though the basic tool of communication was not there, people can still communicate, people can still craft memory, people can still "blogging" in its own way, etc. Fast or slow, hard or easy, that's a different story. We enjoy every bit of our life, we see each other when we want to talk.. we LIVE our life! There can be hardly the so called miscommunication, misunderstanding and whatever mis.. I guess everybody have this common understanding that "I responsible with whatever coming out from my mouth and live up to it" (integrity) and "this is this and that is that" (no assumption).. 

With all the so called luxury stuff on hand now (at least handphone), I think community shall live their life better than before. Quality of life should be way better than before. But I think it is worst than before. Peoples live in the same house can hardly talk face to face. Most of communication done thru messaging application (you name it; WhatsApp, YM, FB, etc. I hate technology when comes into this). Look around us.. When we are having breakfast/lunch/dinner with families, we sit on the same table; when we are going out for tea times with friends, we sit on the same table; when we are visiting relatives, friends, we are sitting at the same place... but from time to time (some, most of the times), our fingers are lingering on the phone (of course our mind goes there too).. 

Technology is CERTAIN and will be there FOREVER. But our life has its life span. Our time with one and another is uncertain. With so many commitment on hand, we can only be with A or B or C or whoever it is at limited time (regardless how much we want to). Technology is good and do so much "good" that we tend to delay things especially if it looks so simple and small to us (we tend to say "later" most of the times). 

I will do the best to reduce this "later" from now on (at least 1/day, especially when I'm engaged to this luxury stuff.. hahaha) because time is priceless especially with the families. Even though I own this world and have financial freedom (wow.. Sounds good), I still can't buy time. Time flies so fast and will only leave regret behind if we didn't manage it wisely.

Anyway, thank you technology for make things easy but you're only my helper, not my master. I hate technology when I have no self-control that unconsciously  put other things on top priority over my time with the PEOPLES I love. Isn't it when you put LOVE as the first priority, the wealth and the health will follow?

I Once a Cloth Diaper Addict

When I was expecting my 1st baby, modern cloth diaper (CD) seems so new for me (that was 2009). Or maybe I'm lack of knowledge about it. The cheapest CD available at that time was around RM80. The first CD I've bought were 3 pcs of Blueberry One-Size Pocket Diaper. I started my stash with those CD and obsessed with it (because of the print) until I have at least 15 pcs by the time my dear son is born. 

When he first born, I didn't even feel like putting the CD on him. I rather fold a flat and paired with a diaper cover on him until he was about 5 months plus. The reason I started the CD on him was because he is too big for the flat. Hahaha..

Once I've started this CD, I began fall in love with how easy it is to put on my baby, how nice it is on my baby's bum.. And many reason (or is it excuses because i have zero self-control.. hahaha) to keep adding up my stash. When enough is really enough, I have about 40 CD (consists of pocket, AIO, AI2 & Hybrid Diaper). This total is excluding the flats & the diaper covers.

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Cheap Way of Cleaning the Tiles Floor

This stuff is cheap (RM3.90) & works wonder on my super dirty floor (wet kitchen floor). 

Of course with the help of a brush. I mean any brush as a scrubber. No special brush. Hahaha.. With baking soda, I don't have to wear hand glove (which i hate to do when comes into cleaning) to do the cleaning. Anyway, my hand remains the way it is because baking soda contains no harsh chemical as most of cleaning stuff has. Just wet the floor, sprinkle the baking soda all over the floor then brush it. Once satisfied with the result, then rinse it away (of course using clean water). FINISH.

On the other topic, I'd love to share how much I love babywearing. With my baby on my back (I babywear my baby using a ring sling), I can clean my floor up. The good thing is, she sleep when I do the cleaning. I guess the swishing sound of the brush acts as a lullaby on her ear. Hahaha..

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Oh My Picky Eater

My son (3yos) is super super picky eater. He can creatively make millions reason not to eat his real meal (rice especially), regardless how yummy the taste is, how good the smell is and how attractive it may looks. There were times he didn't eat any rice throughout the day. 

When he was 2 years plus, I've started give him a chewable supplement (to improve his appetite). He really loves it and his appetite improved, but still ON and OFF. At least there were few spoonfuls of rice goes into his tummy by end of the day. How much I wish his appetite can be better than this.

Universal is listening. And yes!! I heard about this Shaklee Milkshake recently, read about the testimonies.. The Milkshake is not only improve the appetite, but it provides necessary nutrition for the growing up kids too.. which means, less sick (common cold, cough, etc.). Isn't it wow?

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Keep Trying

I overseen this image while glancing through my photo's library. I don't remember where did I get it from but credit goes to wherever it originated from. 

There were tons of thing in life I've tried. One of them is joined MLM business. The situation is exactly as phrased out in the first phrase in that image, "YOU TRY, YOU FAIL; YOU TRY, YOU FAIL".. Yes, I try this, I failed.. Then I try that, I also failed.. Since the second phrase said "THE REAL FAILURE IS WHEN YOU STOP TRYING" then, here I am.. Trying another one. Hello Failure, I will never never never give up (as sang out in Thomas & Friends song of Never Never Never Give up). 

Anyway, this is only one example. In life, we MUST keep trying.. Be it to improve ourselves, our life, our financial.. Whatever it is, I can do it! It just a matter of times. :o)

Shaklee ESP-Soy Protein Isolate Powder

This is one out of six product in breastfeeding full set. It is tasty (I always mix 2 tablespoons of it with 250ml PLAIN water) and a superb drink to start the day. I drink it before I have my breakfast.

ESP (Energizing Soy Protein) really helps me to feel energetic the whole day. 👍👍👍👍👍 I have an active toddler and a baby to taking care, while doing daily house chores. 

Is Life About Choice?

I heard about this saying for quite sometimes. And it is true indeed. It is a choice of YES and NO, and no in between. For which choice is the right choice, it is all up to us to choose at that time. And making a choice is the hardest thing to do, especially if it involves our future and other people's life. 

Even so, God is great and He will always guide us in making the right choice at the right time. Just believe and have 100% faith in Him that right thing is done at the right time JUST because His timing is always right. He will surely comforts whoever needs it. He will surely grants a peace of mind to whoever needs it. And He will surely put everything back in its place, the right place, according to His will. 

I surrender, let's Your will be done.

Shaklee Breastfeeding Set

I've consumed this set for 2 days now and I notice the difference in quality of my breastmilk. I guess it really works on me. The quantity and quality of my breastmilk really improved. It seems like my breast can easily full (after emptied for each feeding), and the breastmilk is thicker too. Tandem nursing to my big baby and baby.. This choice of having breastfeeding supplement is a right choice and worth the $$$$$ I've invested on.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013


I overheard about this brand through Facebook. The sponsored pages that saying about how good the breastfeeding set really overwhelming that one day, I decided to contact of a Shaklee Independent Distributor. After some Q&A about the set, I have decided to buy the full set. Not only that, I also decided to join the Shaklee membership which is RM65, for lifetime. Of course I will get member price once I joined in. Ooo ya.. I'm a Shaklee Independent Distributor in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. :o)