Thursday, 20 June 2013

Oh My Picky Eater

My son (3yos) is super super picky eater. He can creatively make millions reason not to eat his real meal (rice especially), regardless how yummy the taste is, how good the smell is and how attractive it may looks. There were times he didn't eat any rice throughout the day. 

When he was 2 years plus, I've started give him a chewable supplement (to improve his appetite). He really loves it and his appetite improved, but still ON and OFF. At least there were few spoonfuls of rice goes into his tummy by end of the day. How much I wish his appetite can be better than this.

Universal is listening. And yes!! I heard about this Shaklee Milkshake recently, read about the testimonies.. The Milkshake is not only improve the appetite, but it provides necessary nutrition for the growing up kids too.. which means, less sick (common cold, cough, etc.). Isn't it wow?

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