Tuesday, 25 June 2013

I Once a Cloth Diaper Addict

When I was expecting my 1st baby, modern cloth diaper (CD) seems so new for me (that was 2009). Or maybe I'm lack of knowledge about it. The cheapest CD available at that time was around RM80. The first CD I've bought were 3 pcs of Blueberry One-Size Pocket Diaper. I started my stash with those CD and obsessed with it (because of the print) until I have at least 15 pcs by the time my dear son is born. 

When he first born, I didn't even feel like putting the CD on him. I rather fold a flat and paired with a diaper cover on him until he was about 5 months plus. The reason I started the CD on him was because he is too big for the flat. Hahaha..

Once I've started this CD, I began fall in love with how easy it is to put on my baby, how nice it is on my baby's bum.. And many reason (or is it excuses because i have zero self-control.. hahaha) to keep adding up my stash. When enough is really enough, I have about 40 CD (consists of pocket, AIO, AI2 & Hybrid Diaper). This total is excluding the flats & the diaper covers.

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