Sunday, 23 June 2013

Cheap Way of Cleaning the Tiles Floor

This stuff is cheap (RM3.90) & works wonder on my super dirty floor (wet kitchen floor). 

Of course with the help of a brush. I mean any brush as a scrubber. No special brush. Hahaha.. With baking soda, I don't have to wear hand glove (which i hate to do when comes into cleaning) to do the cleaning. Anyway, my hand remains the way it is because baking soda contains no harsh chemical as most of cleaning stuff has. Just wet the floor, sprinkle the baking soda all over the floor then brush it. Once satisfied with the result, then rinse it away (of course using clean water). FINISH.

On the other topic, I'd love to share how much I love babywearing. With my baby on my back (I babywear my baby using a ring sling), I can clean my floor up. The good thing is, she sleep when I do the cleaning. I guess the swishing sound of the brush acts as a lullaby on her ear. Hahaha..

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