Tuesday, 25 June 2013

I Hate Technology (when)..

When I was growing up, I'm living in era (could be because I'm living in a so-called remote area) of where handphone, camera, and computer (these just to name few) are luxury thing. And it was not those stuff we have or available in the market now. It were a pure:
1. Handphone with antenna, where you can hardly put it in a pocket
2. Camera which operates on AA or AAA battery & a roll of film
3. Personal Computer (I don't even know what is the current OS that time..). 

Looking back, even though the basic tool of communication was not there, people can still communicate, people can still craft memory, people can still "blogging" in its own way, etc. Fast or slow, hard or easy, that's a different story. We enjoy every bit of our life, we see each other when we want to talk.. we LIVE our life! There can be hardly the so called miscommunication, misunderstanding and whatever mis.. I guess everybody have this common understanding that "I responsible with whatever coming out from my mouth and live up to it" (integrity) and "this is this and that is that" (no assumption).. 

With all the so called luxury stuff on hand now (at least handphone), I think community shall live their life better than before. Quality of life should be way better than before. But I think it is worst than before. Peoples live in the same house can hardly talk face to face. Most of communication done thru messaging application (you name it; WhatsApp, YM, FB, etc. I hate technology when comes into this). Look around us.. When we are having breakfast/lunch/dinner with families, we sit on the same table; when we are going out for tea times with friends, we sit on the same table; when we are visiting relatives, friends, we are sitting at the same place... but from time to time (some, most of the times), our fingers are lingering on the phone (of course our mind goes there too).. 

Technology is CERTAIN and will be there FOREVER. But our life has its life span. Our time with one and another is uncertain. With so many commitment on hand, we can only be with A or B or C or whoever it is at limited time (regardless how much we want to). Technology is good and do so much "good" that we tend to delay things especially if it looks so simple and small to us (we tend to say "later" most of the times). 

I will do the best to reduce this "later" from now on (at least 1/day, especially when I'm engaged to this luxury stuff.. hahaha) because time is priceless especially with the families. Even though I own this world and have financial freedom (wow.. Sounds good), I still can't buy time. Time flies so fast and will only leave regret behind if we didn't manage it wisely.

Anyway, thank you technology for make things easy but you're only my helper, not my master. I hate technology when I have no self-control that unconsciously  put other things on top priority over my time with the PEOPLES I love. Isn't it when you put LOVE as the first priority, the wealth and the health will follow?

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