Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Keep Trying

I overseen this image while glancing through my photo's library. I don't remember where did I get it from but credit goes to wherever it originated from. 

There were tons of thing in life I've tried. One of them is joined MLM business. The situation is exactly as phrased out in the first phrase in that image, "YOU TRY, YOU FAIL; YOU TRY, YOU FAIL".. Yes, I try this, I failed.. Then I try that, I also failed.. Since the second phrase said "THE REAL FAILURE IS WHEN YOU STOP TRYING" then, here I am.. Trying another one. Hello Failure, I will never never never give up (as sang out in Thomas & Friends song of Never Never Never Give up). 

Anyway, this is only one example. In life, we MUST keep trying.. Be it to improve ourselves, our life, our financial.. Whatever it is, I can do it! It just a matter of times. :o)

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