Monday, 15 July 2013

Stay Calm, Mommy

Oo my God! I've just cleaned the house and before the whole floor dried, here comes the new mess. Never ending mess.. How to stop the mess? How to keep the house clean? After the kids go to bed? Hmmm.. I am not energetic enough to stay late just to sweep, mop, tidy up the house. No matter how much efforts I have put in on this house, the house will ended up messy. The household chores list will stay the same (or will be increased). Should I complain over these so called never ending jobs? I afraid complaining just make me looks older. I want to stay young.. (At least young at heart.. Looking younger will be a bonus.. Hahaha). How to stay young? Be grateful.. Looking thing at its positive side.. Stay calm.. Enjoy every moment.. And the list goes on (as we wish).. This quote is really an inspiration to me.

Hahaha.. The quote is so cute.. As cute as our little ones. Just excuse their mess as thing not gonna be the same 5 years from now (even tomorrow). Aiyoo.. Just start talking about the kids are growing up really make me sad. There will be no more "Mommy! Where are you?", "Mommy, my tummy is rumbling. I'm hungry", "Mommy, come back" and everything mommy.. I'm gonna miss these little lions

It is okay not to have all the household chore checklist checked by end of the day as long as I have a quality time with my super duper hyper kids. Hahahaa..

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