Monday, 22 July 2013

Why Shaklee?

Do I Really Need Supplement?

Is it necessary? I am neither medical professional nor dietician/nutritionist, far from anything professional related to health. Personally, taking supplement for health maintenance never crossed my mind before. Why would I take it? Why wasting money when I can get the necessary vitamins from whole foods? Malaysia, especially Sabah blessed with abundant fresh foods. Why would I let more chemical goes into my body? For me, supplement is supplement which comes in a medicine-like bottle, a colorful pill, comes with a price, etc. Don't talk about taking it..

Supplement Is Necessary When..

When I say yes or no to something, I tend to justify. Whether I say it out or no, it's a different story. As a nursing mom for 2 plus manager and maid at my own home, it required me to be "energetic" and "alert" all the times (Even during night time, or else I can't feed my babies or change the diaper). Whole food never been a problem because I always keep stock and market is just few minutes away from home. My diet is quite good, I eat grains, vegetables, fruits, meats, dairy foods.. basically each from the food group. How much my body needs from each group, I don't know.. All I know, as long as I am full, feeling good, that's it. Hahaha.. Exercise? Yes, I do (By doing the household chores). Regardless, I was so tired before end of the day (at the same time, I want to breastfed my kids as long as they want). Then.. I start looking into this so called supplement. I think, at least I need multivitamin. Then the searching begins..

Natural or Synthetic Supplement? How to Tell?

Now that I am into supplement, there are ton of choices out there. Famous brand, less-famous brand, expensive, can-have, etc. As for natural vs synthetic, of course I choose natural. Is natural really natural? Hmmm.. Let's google. And I found this very informative article from these two links, that at least give me some clues about it (some of them really "technical" which I have no idea what's it all about):

I Choose Shaklee because.. 

I have admitted that I chose Shaklee over other brand for its famous marketing over the FaceBook, which emphasizes on breastfeeding. Of course I was looking for supplement that is safe for nursing mom because whatever goes into my body will transfer into my babies body too. Still in doubt whether I did choose the right brand, I continue do some readings from their website. I guess, their product philosophy really comforts me. 

I also come across to this site, which compiles what health professionals say about Shaklee that affirmed me about my choice.

Phew!! I am feeling good. 

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