Thursday, 11 July 2013

Tandem Nursing Journey (Part 2)

Both kids latching at the same time.. It was hard (especially during confinement period) at first, until I get used to it , which I think by the time the confinement period is over. Even so, it's never been easy when comes into napping and sleeping time. I think the boy was trying hard to find the comfortable position (I used to always nurse him to sleep). As time goes by, as he growing up, he made himself fit into whatever breastfeeding position I am. I guess he felt secure too, that he no longer come every time his sister latch. The best part when they latch together is, how close they are that the boy sometimes poke the sister's nose, the sister pinch the brother's forehead, etc. then stop for a while just to laugh then continue.. 

Yes, tandem nursing is not easy but it is doable and lovable. I don't know how long will they nurse but just thinking of they are growing up and some day stop nursing.. really made me sad. Apart from being in my womb through pregnancy, nursing is the next thing that made us so close to each other. And as I am writing this.. I have been 3 years plus in breastfeeding and still.. It is a blessing 

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